The Rīga Conference Papers 2012

Andris Spruds (ed.). The Rīga Conference Papers 2012. - Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Latvian Transatlantic Organization, 2012. - 66 p.

The Rīga Conference Papers 2012 aim to contribute to understanding the global and Transatlantic developments and Latvia’s place there. May we consider Latvia’s economic transition to be a success story, as it is frequently referred to, and a role model for the rest of the recession-hit members of the Transatlantic community? Was the Chicago NATO summit a demonstration of the alliance’s internal strengthand ability to fulfil its commitments? How to perceive the dynamic in the neighbourhood and how can Transatlantic members contribute to the political and economic modernization of Russia and Belarus? Is the verbally declared energy independence that is pursued by some of the countries in the Baltic region achievable? The publication intends to address these questions, as well as identify the challenges, explain the determinant forces behind the regional and global transformation and provide visions of possible future scenarios. The authors who contributed to this publication are: Martins Bondars, Valdis Dombrovskis, Diana Potjomkina, Karlis Bukovskis, Toms Rostoks, Andis Kudors, Karlis Neretnieks, Jamie Shea, Damon M. Wilson, Giuseppe Belardetti, Alexander Pivovarsky, Matthew J. Bryza, Reinis Āboltiņš, Stanislaw Cios.

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