Perceptions and Strategies of Arcticness in sub-Arctic Europe

Andris Sprūds, Toms Rostoks


Perceptions and Strategies of Arcticness in sub-Arctic Europe/ Ed. by Andris Sprūds, Toms Rostoks. - Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2014. - 235 p.

The notion of the Arcticness is on the rise and increasingly influences strategic considerations of global and regional actors. During the last few decades the interests of many international actors in the Arctic region have significantly increased. In the last decades Arctic countries have been active politically and institutionally. However, not only the Arctic countries are interested in the region. This research project intends to examine the developing perceptions and strategies of the Arcticness among the number of sub-Arctic countries as well as the EU role and stance in the Arctic region.

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