Riga Security Forum 2019

On behalf of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, NATO Public Diplomacy Division, and Embassies of Poland and Canada in Latvia we are pleased to announce that the Riga Security Forum 2019 will be held on September 13, 2019, from 9:00-16:00 in Riga, Latvia. 

Registration for the event is closed due to overcapacity.

Full event agenda is freely available here.

Opening address

Keynote address at the Riga Security Forum 2019 will be given by
H.E. Egils Levits, President of the Republic of Latvia

Building on the experience of three consecutive LIIA public discussions devoted to the topical issues of NATO, Riga Security Forum 2019 aims to gather key international policy makers, industry leaders, as well as military and civilian experts to discuss events, trends, opportunities and challenges lying ahead for the transatlantic community and NATO. In various formats, participants will discuss NATO’s achievements and challenges including the Baltic States in NATO, NATO-Russia relations, the concept for transatlantic security as well as emerging threats in a transnational environment.
The event will take place in English.

Event manager

Announced gradually

Opening high-level quartet: 15 of 70: NATO and the Baltic States

Global discussion: Transforming Security Governance

Regional discussion: Baltic (In)Defense Ability?

Debate on NATO and Russia

Transatlantic discussion: Transatlantic (In)Security Link: A Partnership in Flux?

Concluding remarks by partners

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This is a public event, applying for an event you are informed that the event will feature photographing and filming. If you enter this event you may be filmed and have your pictures taken. By entering this area you are giving irrevocably consent to and authorize the Latvian Institute of International Affairs and its partners the right to film and photograph, and use this media to the project publicity means.

See you there!

Publicēts 19. jūlijs, 2019