Dr. Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova has released her new book

We are proud of the achievements of our colleagues! The Head of the Asia program, Dr. Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, has released her new book: "Perfect Imbalance: China And Russia."

The book seeks to answer one of the most important outstanding questions in twenty-first-century politics: how close are Putin's Russia and Xi's China? Written by a scholar fluent in Chinese and Russian, this book examines the current China–Russia partnership from several perspectives.

Una has traveled a lot in recent months and participated in several book discussions. Here's one of them organized at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies:

Book presentation in Latvia will be held June 15, please learn more (in Latvian) here.

Publicēts 08. jūnijs, 2022