"Baltic EU Conversations", The Archive

Since 2016, the Latvian Institute of International Affairs has been grateful for a solid and long-standing partnership with the European Commission's Representation in Latvia and the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia. We have offered high-level discussions on critical issues for each of us with our joint efforts over the years. 

Baltic EU Conversations 2022: Immediate Challenges and Long-term Vision

Conference videos in English:

Baltic EU Conversations 2021: Is Europe getting better

  • Opening addresses and keynote conversation on EU trade policy
  • "Europe after a stress test for democracy"
  •  "Reanimating European Economy in a Climate-Change Aware Environment"

  •  LIIA Panel: "Are the constant crises toughening up the EU?"

  • Closing keynote conversationon the EU’s future and place in the world

Baltic EU Conversations 2020: Reinventing Europe?
The event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Baltic EU Conversations 2019: Awaiting Political Change

  • Introduction and 1st panel: "The political renewal of the EU" please see here.
  •  "The MFF 2021-2027: A work in progress" please see here.

  • Panel 3A: "The European information agenda and modern democracies" please see here.

  • Panel 3B: "European defense structures: a process in making?" please listen here.

  • Panel 3C: "EU tactics in a time of "trade wars", please listen here.
  • "The EU and the US: A friend in need is a friend indeed?", please see here.

Baltic EU Conversations 2018: Is Europe Back?

  • Opening addresses and panel: "The New Shape of the EU", please see here.
  • "The EU budget post-Brexit: needs and wants" please see here.

  • Lunch break panel: "The EU as a topic for Latvian national elections of 2018", please see here.

  • Panel 3A: "Three years to migration crisis" please see here.

  • Panel 3B: "Seeking European defense" please see here.

  • Panel 3C: "Connecting Europe and beyond: transport and infrastructure" please see here.

  • "Europe’s place in a globalized world", please see here.

60 Years of the European Project, 2017

  • Introduction and opening panel: "Prospects of the European project" 

  • "Rebooting the EU’s economy"

  • ERASMUS+ roundtable: "Youth as agent of Europeanization"

  • Panel 4A: "The EU Neighborhood: Any enlargement for the next decade?" 

  • Panel 4B: "On the path to a European Defense Union: Internal and external security prospects" 
  • Panel 4C: "The security dimension of the Energy Union" 

  • "EU-US relations and the future global role of the block" 

The European Union: Imprint of the Latvian Presidency, 2016

  • Introduction and opening panel: "Prospects and challenges of the European Project" 

  • "Rebooting the EU’s economy: Solutions and constraints"

  • "The EU neighborhood: the good, the bad, and the ugly?"

  • "The EU’s global role"

Thanks to our cooperation partners - the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University (Lithuania), the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute and the International Centre for Defence and Security (Estonia), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, and our distinguished audience, followers and listeners. 

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